Popular online retailer slammed for selling ‘faux fur’ items made of rabbit

Online retailer Boohoo has been slammed this week for selling rabbit fur labelled as ‘faux’, in a move that has been heavily criticised by the UK’s advertising watchdog for being ‘misleading’. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld a complaint it received about the jumper listed as ‘Faux Fur Pom Pom Jumper’, and – after testing…

Asa Butterfield Spills an Awkward Moment From the Set of Sex Education

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‘Chicago P.D.’: [Spoiler] Discovers Upton & Ruzek’s Relationship In The Midst Of A Fight

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‘Horrifying and indefensible’: Lady Gaga has pulled her song with R Kelly

It’s the documentary that the whole world is talking about now, and it seems that Surviving R Kelly has emboldened Lady Gaga to apologise about her working history with the singer. In a powerful statement posted on Twitter, Lady Gaga addressed the allegations of sexual assault against R Kelly, which she branded “absolutely horrifying and…

How The Big Bang Theory Weathered Off-screen Romance and Salary Disputes to Form Their Ridiculously Tight Bond

Making the rounds at Sunday’s Golden Globe awards, Kaley Cuoco had no qualms sharing her true feelings about the end of The Big Bang Theory‘s 12-season run.  “I don’t wanna leave, I don’t wanna leave,” she lamented to ET. “I said it. I don’t wanna leave!” In fact, she’d already dreamt up a workaround. “Everyone’s doing rebooting,” she…