All About the Gorgeous Mega-Carat Engagement Ring Chris Pratt Gave Katherine Schwarzenegger

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Mandy Moore Looks Gorgeous In White Column Gown With Cutouts At Critics’ Choice Awards

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These Celebs Are De-Stigmatizing Mental Illness

By FASHION Staff Date January 14, 2019 Many campaigns have worked to normalize the discussion around mental health (Bell’s Let’s Talk and CAMH’s One Brave Night among them). But one thing that really reaches the masses is when a celebrity speaks out about his or her struggle to spread the message that it’s OK to…

The Definition of Glass Skin and How to Achieve It

It’s more about skincare, less about makeup. By Anastasia Barbuzzi Date January 14, 2019 If there was beauty look that stood out among the A-listers who walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes last week, it was the glowy, luminous glass skin. With its roots in the K-beauty world, the term is used to describe a face that’s…