Watch Us Play DIY or Do Not Try With Celeb Hairstylist Matthew Collins

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The Best On-Screen New Year’s Eve Looks to Inspire you Before the Big Night

By Erin Dunlop Date December 28, 2018 Say what you will about New Year’s Eve (It’s expensive! It’s overrated! It’s not worth the hype!), but if there’s one thing it’s undeniably good for, it’s pulling out all the stops, style-wise. What other holiday provides the perfect excuse to stock up on all things sparkly? What…

The 41 Menswear Essentials You’ll Need in 2018

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How This Shoe Designer Quit Her Fast Fashion Habit

“I shop differently now… I build my wardrobe as opposed to stocking my closet for the season.” By Pahull Bains Date December 28, 2018 As one of the two founders of indie shoe brand Freda Salvador (which counts Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence and Gina Rodriguez as fans), Megan Papay understands both the struggles and thrills…