Teresa Giudice Reportedly Vows She & Joe Will ‘Go Our Separate Ways’ If He’s Deported

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Kim Jong-un gushes over Trump’s latest ‘personal letter’ – Daily Mail

Kim Jong-un has expressed ‘great satisfaction’ after receiving another ‘good personal letter’ from President Donald Trump ahead of their second summit. The North Korean leader is said to be making ‘good technical preparations’ for the meeting scheduled in February, Pyongyang’s state media reported. A number of letters have been exchanged between the pair since their…

US government shutdown – live: Trump says 'we will not cave' as senate prepares to vote on competing bills in bid to end deadlock

One possible compromise which emerged from House Democrats this week was the idea of giving Trump the money he demands for security along the Mexican border, but stipulating it could not be used to build a physical wall. James Clyburn, the third most senior House Democrat, suggested they could hand the president $5.7bn for a high-tech “smart wall” – comprised of…

Inside Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek’s Sweet Love Story: ‘I Just Wish I’d Met My Wife Earlier’

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Abducted teen receives own reward money

Image copyright Jennifer Smith Image caption Jayme Closs, her aunt/godmother Jennifer Smith and Molly the dog posing together after being reunited on January 11 Thirteen-year-old Jayme Closs, who escaped from a man who kidnapped her after killing her parents, will receive $25,000 (£19,000) in reward money. Hormel Foods, the company her parents worked for, had…